Worship Artists


Cassy Smith

Cassy Smith is a 3rd generation preacher's kid, 4th generation ordained minister. Since her early 20’s, she has run alongside the younger as well as the seasoned generations simultaneously. Her heart's desire is to equip those around her with the tools needed to become secure in their walk with Jesus. In 2009, she founded Vision Academy; a 3-year training program that helps individuals find their unique purpose. She has served in the US and UK helping to train leaders. Cassy is a worship leader and preacher who energizes people to live a life of love and hope. She is a Girl Who Storms Castles!


Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a multi-nominated Grammy and Dove Award Artist. He is a founding member of the band Leeland. He has over a decade of experience in the music industry. He started from humble beginnings of playing drums in local bands and youth groups to touring in over 20 countries with Leeland. He went on to becoming bandleader for Warner Music Recording Artist, Raelynn. He has been able to pursue his life goals and achieve his dreams, as well as being a husband and father. Mike has the heart of a facilitator and wants to help others achieve their goals and dreams. which led him to coming off the road and full time as a worship pastor with Woodlands Church. He truly has a gift of communication and is a visionary. With his professional experience and comedic relief, he’s someone you want running alongside you!